Neill Fearnley, Director


Canadian – U.K. Citizenship

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When Calls The Heart 23 episodes, 2013-16, 1hr 1910 Period Drama, Hallmark

Spooksville 4 episodes, 2013, 1/2hr Adventure/Horror, Hub Network

2014 Emmy Nomination – Achievement in Direction

2014 Leo Nomination – Achievement in Direction

Cedar Cove 10 episodes, 2013-15, 1hr Drama, Hallmark

Arctic Air 2 eps., 2012, 1hr Drama, CBC

R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour Pilot + 24 eps. 2010-14, 1/2 hr Horror, Anthology, Hub Network

2015 Emmy – Best Children’s Series

2015 Emmy Nomination – Achievement in Direction

2015 Leo Award – Achievement in Direction

2015 Canadian Screen Award Nomination – Achievement in Direction

2014 Emmy – Best Childern’s Series

2014 Emmy Nomination – Achievement in Direction

2014 Leo Award – Achievement in Direction

2014 Additional Leo Nomination – Achievement in Direction

2013 Emmy – Best Children’s Series

2013 Emmy Nomination – Achievement in Direction

2013 Canadian Screen Award Nomination – Achievement in Direction

2013 Leo Nomination – Achievement in Direction

2012 Emmy Nomination – Achievement in Direction

2012 Director’s Guild Nomination

2012 Leo Award – Achievement in Direction

2012 Additional Leo Nomination – Achievement in Direction

2011 Leo Award – Achievement in Direction – Pilot

Kaya 2 eps., 2007, 1/2hr Music/Drama, MTV

Flash Gordon 1 ep., 2007, 1hr Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi Channel

Stargate: Atlantis 1 ep.,  2005, 1hr Sci-Fi, MGM, Sci-Fi Channel

Missing 6 eps., 2003-5, 1hr Drama, Lion’s Gate/Lifetime

Witchblade 6 eps., 2002-3, 1hr Sci-Fi/Drama, Warner/TNT

Jeremiah 3 eps., 2001, 1hr Sci-Fi, MGM/Showtime

Strange Frequency 2 eps., 2001, 1/2hr Horror/Anthology, Viacom/VH-1

Tracker 2 eps., 2001, 1hr Sci-Fi, Lion’s Gate/UPN

The Fearing Mind 4 eps., 2000, 1hr Comedy/Horror, Fox Family

Hope Island 4 eps., 1999, 1hr Comedy, Lion’s Gate/Paramount

Nothing Too Good For A Cowboy 5 eps., 1998-99, 1hr Comedy/Western, Alliance/CBC

The Outer Limits 10 eps., 1996-1999, 1hr Sci-Fi, MGM/Showtime

Earth: Final Conflict 3 eps., 1998, 1hr Sci-Fi Channel

The Net 2 eps., 1998, 1hr. Action/Thriller, Columbia/Tristar

Dead Man’s Gun Pilot + 2eps., 1996-97, 1hr Western, Showtime

FX: The Series 2 eps., 1997, 1hr Action, Winterset Productions

Adventures of Sinbad 3 eps., 1996, 1hr Action/Fantasy, All American

Flash Forward Pilot + 2 eps., 1996, 1/2 hr Comedy, Disney/ABC

My Life As A Dog 8 episodes, 1996, 1/2hr Family/Comedy, Showtime

Madison 6 episodes, 1993-97, 1/2hr Teen Drama, CTV

Highland 1 ep.,  1995, 1hr Sci-Fi, Garamond

Kung-Fu 1 ep.,  1995, 1hr Sci-Fi/Action, Warner Bros.

M.A.N.T.I.S. 2 eps., 1994, 1hr Sci-Fi, Universal/Fox

Hawkeye Pilot + 1 ep., 1994, 1750’s Period Drama, Cannell

Cobra 2 eps., 1993, 1hr Crime Drama, Cannell

African Skies Pilot + 5 eps., 1992, 1/2hr Adventure, Family Ch.

Northwood 21 episodes, 1991-93, 1/2hr Teen Drama, CBC

Lightning Force 2 eps., 1991, Action, Crescent Entertainment

Neon Rider 10 episodes, 1989/93, Drama, CTV

Bordertown 6 eps., 1989/90, 1/2hr Western, Family Channel

Black Stallion 2 eps., 1990,1/2hr, Adventure, Alliance/Family Channel

War Of The Worlds 4 eps., 1988/89, 1hr Sci-fi, Paramount TV

J.J. Starbuck 1 ep.,  1988, 1hr Murder-Mystery, Cannell/NBC

Friday The 13th: The Series  2 eps., 1988, 1hr horror, Paramount TV

Wiseguy 1 ep.,  1988, 1hr Crime Drama, Cannell/CBS

21 Jumpstreet 5 eps,. 1988, 1hr Crime Drama, Cannell/FOX


The Wedding March TV Movie, Romantic Comedy, 2016, Hallmark

Brad Krevoy, Jack Wagner, Harvey Kahn

Summer Dreams TV Movie, Romantic Comedy, 2015, Crown Media.

Bruce D. Johnson, John Prince, Holly Redford

Christmas Comes Home To Canaan TV Movie, Period Drama, 2011, Hallmark

Dan Angel, Margaret Loesch, H. Braunstien, E.P.

A Family Thanksgiving TV Movie, Romantic Comedy, 2010, Hallmark

M. Larkin, M. Goldstein, H. Braunstein, E.P.

Christmas In Canaan TV Movie, Period Drama, 2009, Hallmark

Dan Angel, Margaret Loesch, H. Braunstien, E.P

Encounter With Danger TV Movie, Suspense, 2009, TF1

Aro Entertainment, Jeff Schenck, E.P.

The Boy Next Door TV Movie, Murder Mystery, 2008,  Lifetime

Aro Entertainment, Jeff Schenck,E.P.

Daniel’s Daughter TV Movie, Romantic Comedy, 2008, Hallmark

Cypress Point, QVC, Gerry Abrams, Sue Murdoch, E.P.

The Bad Son TV Movie, Crime Drama, 2007, Lifetime

Legacy Filmworks, Jack Nassar, E.P.

A Decent Proposal TV Movie, Drama, 2006, Lifetime

Marvista Entertainment: Michael Jacobs, E.P.

My Baby Is Missing TV Movie, Suspense Thriller, 2006, Lifetime

Marvista Entertainment: Michael Jacobs, E.P.

I Dream Of Murder TV Movie, Suspense Thriller, 2006, Lifetime

Head First Productions: Jim Head, E.P.

Christmas In Boston TV Movie, Romantic Comedy, 2005, ABC Family

Marvista Entertainment: Michael Jacobs, E.P.

2006 Director’s Guild Nomination – Outstanding Television Movie/Mini-series

Behind The Camera: The Unauthorized Story Of Mork & Mindy TV Movie, Bio-Pic, 2005, NBC

Once Upon a Time Films: Stan Brooks, Jim Head, E.P.

2006 Leo Nomination – Achievement in Direction

2006 Best Picture – Prism Awards

The Clinic TV Movie, Drama, 2003, Animal Planet

Jaffe/Braunstein Films: Michael Jaffe, E.P.

Inside The Osmonds TV Movie, Bio-Pic, 2001, ABC

Von Zernick/Sertner: Bob Sertner, E.P.

Nero Wolfe TV Movie, Murder-Mystery, 2000, A&E

Prisoner’s Base Jaffe/Braunstein Films: Michael Jaffe, E.P.

Daydream Believers: The Monkees’ Story TV Movie, Bio-Pic, 2000, VH-1

Jaffe/Braunstein Films: Howard Braunstein, E.P.

Escape From Hours TV Movie, 1998, Sci-Fi, UPN Paramount

Singer/White Films: Steve White, E.P.

Johnny 2.0 Feature, 1997, Science-Fiction, Direct to Video

Promark Entertainment: Jon Kramer, E.P.

Dogmatic TV Movie, Romantic Comedy, 1996, ABC

Zaloom Pictures: Joey Plager, George Zaloom,E.P.

Black Ice Feature, Thriller, 1992, Direct to Video

Saban/Prism Entertainment: Lance Robbins, E.P.

The Girl From Mars TV Movie, Family Drama, 1991, Family Channel

Atlantis Entertainment: Mary Kahn, E.P.

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