Demo Reel: Drama

Selected scenes from: Behind The Camera (Mork and Mindy); When Calls The Heart; Daniel’s Daughter; Christmas In Canaan

Demo Reel: Youth

Selected scenes from: R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour

When Calls The Heart, Ep 108: Perils of the Soloists

Synopsis: Elizabeth must put on the Coal Valley Founders’ Day play on short notice; the only surviving miner from the explosion comes home from the hospital with a shocking surprise; Jack has a heart-to-heart with Adam in hopes of bringing them back together.

Witchblade, Ep 107: Periculum

Synopsis: Sara is grieving over the loss of Conchobar and her partner Jake is worried about her well-being. The time has come for Sara to undergo a test of worthiness, the Periculum. In a dream-like state she meets some of her predecessors who explain the power and origins of the Witchblade and her own role in the world. If she fails the test, she will die. Meanwhile, Captain Dante invites Jake to join a group within the police who ensure that justice is done – and don’t hesitate to keep any of the financial proceeds that might come of it.

Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of ‘Mork and Mindy’

Synopsis: An inside look at the ABC sitcom which turned Robin Williams into a star in 1978.

LA Prism Award Winner. Leo Award Nomination.

Haunting Hour, Ep 205: Brush With Madness

Synopsis: A high-schooler’s obsession and paranoia with a comic book artist takes a bizarre turn.

2012 Emmy Nomination. 2012 Leo Award Winner. 2012 Director’s Guild Nomination.

Haunting Hour, Ep 119: Lights Out

Synopsis: While recording themselves as amateur ghost hunters, three friends encounter more than they bargained for.

2012 Emmy Nomination. 2013 Canadian Screen Award Nominee. 2012 Leo Award Nomination.

Christmas In Canaan

Synopsis: During the 60s Civil Rights Movement, a young farm boy and a Black scholar become friends, and learn the true meaning of family.